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Website Audit Services

If your business is running a website to market your products and services and to increase brand awareness, then it’s very important to regularly perform a website audit. During an audit, we’ll analyze your site to find inaccuracies and SEO mistakes that could lead to usability and credibility problems. EZMobileAds.Net uses advanced tools to detect and analyze factors affecting how your website is optimized for different search engines. We can conduct a thorough and systematic analysis on your site and present you with actionable information.

Even with a well-designed and maintained site, SEO mistakes and other problems can develop over time. A site that is growing fast and is frequently updated can still contain errors such as dead links, broken links, missing images and videos, and page script errors. Even the best webmasters can find it difficult to ensure a website’s integrity all the time.

In-Depth Analysis

Your website may look really nice – with great colors, shiny buttons – but its aesthetic appeal alone will not attract interest in the products and services you offer. A website audit will reveal which aspects or features of your sites work to attract visitors and convert them to buyers, and which features don’t. Usually, these factors need to be analyzed and corrected to improve the site’s search optimization.

EZMobileAds.Net will take a look at the following factors:

  • Backlinks Credibility
  • Content Optimization
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Dead/Broken Links
  • Internal and External Links
  • Title Tags / Meta Tags

We advise businesses to have a website audit conducted during the early stages of website lives in order to spot errors on broken links, tags, and target keywords right away. Because websites get updated frequently with new information and content, we also suggest site owners to regularly audit their sites.

Website Audit Report

We will provide you with an audit report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of specific pages you’ve selected for analysis, and give you recommendations on how to improve your site based on the audit report. We’ll be focusing on your marketing and business objectives so these suggestions will be about ways to boost your site’s performance in acquiring new visitors and getting search engines to consider you for high rankings.

Key Benefits of a Website Audit

We work hard to really get to know our clients’ campaign needs and goals. The auditing process gives us the information to consult with you on your target keywords and content as well as impart guidelines for an optimized SEO implementation. Here are a few benefits of having your site audited:

  • Target keywords are more easily defined
  • Ranking, backlinks and competition are made clear
  • Content optimization guidelines are provided
  • Site is started right for strategic SEO

Work with Professionals

A website audit from EZMobileAds.Net can improve your website’s ability to attract interest and convert visitors into customers and give you recommendations on how to handle marketing mistakes that could cost you a handful of potential clients.

Why not contact us today for a free consultation and learn about the many ways we can improve your online visibility and search rankings with our internet marketing services. Head on over to our Contact Us page and fill out the form so we can get back to you ASAP!


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