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Shooting Straight with Pay Per Click Advertising








The goal of almost any business is to become an easily recognizable name that their target audience will recall and trust implicitly for whatever product or service it is they offer. The biggest hurdle that business owners encounter with this goal however is the question of how they plan to even reach their audience in the first place. SEO is a two way street – you can build your website to work with search engines, and you can ask search engines to help your business along as well.

To put it as simply as possible, Pay Per Click Advertising is a platform where in which you, the business owner, will pay X amount to a search engine for people who visit your website through advertisements strategically placed on the engine. Because PPC eliminates a good portion of the guesswork and delay that often comes with search engine optimization tactics, it can deliver results with the quickest possible turnaround time.

While there isn’t a universal payment model for PPC advertising, most of the more utilized search engines use a bidding system to determine which company gets the slot. Many business owners who are new to online advertising might feel that this means that the only way to win the PPC game is to simply have more money than their competitors. There are several other criteria that are looked into to determine who gets the winning bid:

1) Relevance – One of the most important things that allow search engines to provide a better user experience is the overall relevance of your content. If you’re in the automotive repair industry but want to capitalize on a rising pop star but your content has absolutely nothing to do with the search query, your bid gets severely penalized. Search engines want to give their users quality content and they’re quick to prune abusive bidders.

2) Landing Page – Your first thought when it comes to working with PPC is to send visitors straight to your homepage. While this makes sense in a traditional way, the goal of PPC is to direct possible buyers to something they’re already interested in buying. If you sell car brakes, and your customer wants to buy car brakes, then is it smart to send them to a page that isn’t car brakes? By streamlining the process for your customer, not only do you make them happy, you also increase the chance of converting the visit into a successful sale.

3) Click Through Rate – This is a ratio of how many people actually use your ad in comparison to how often it gets aired. A well-worded, informative ad that captures your target audience is important, otherwise you’re paying a premium for something that won’t work.

However, Pay Per Click isn’t the silver bullet to solve your online marketing woes. In fact, it’s probably more accurate to think of it as your 24 karat golden bullet. While you have extensive control over your budget and can choose to bid as high or as low as you want, this still involves shelling out a certain amount of money on a regular basis.

It’s important for your business to utilize the strengths of PPC while organically and steadily growing with a smart SEO campaign. When these things work in tandem, visits, sales, and repeat customers are sure to follow.

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