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Web Design and Development

Everything begins with your website’s design. Without a properly planned site, it will be difficult to attract customers and increase brand awareness. At EZMobileAds.Net, we use the best practices of web design and development using the WordPress platform to create a site that works for your brand.

We understand that each business is unique and requires a distinctive and creative website to effectively capture your target audience’s interest and encourage them to respond to your call to action. Brand awareness and conversion to sales can be achieved with a business site that has a great layout, uncluttered theme, cool graphics, and relevant content, among others. If these factors are worked into the site perfectly, it will be easy for the company to attract new clients.

We can help you create a site that looks great and presents your brand in the way that is true to your vision. Most importantly, the website we design and develop for you will be a very effective marketing tool for your products and services.

How to Maximize Your Website’s Efficiency

When we talk about creating an effective website, we have to separate the design from the marketing aspect like Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, Local Buzz and other Internet marketing techniques and strategies we provide.We should also distinguish between design and development. The design stage involves gathering all the information about the business from our client, and then creating an initial sitemap or site structure, which the site will be based on.

Having a clearly outlined and organized website has three benefits:

1. The site can be developed more efficiently. No going back and saying, “Oh, we forgot that page.”

2. Navigation will be much easier for your visitors with a clean site structure.Search engines will be able to crawl your site more easily, also giving it a better rank.

Content Creation

Once your site structure is defined and set up, all content including copy, graphics and videos, and links should then be keyword optimized and finalized before your website can be developed into a live or working site.

Your content can come from you, or we can create it for you based on the information you provide. We will work closely with you to make sure that all content and its presentation are to your liking. We will also provide recommendations based on our experience with web design’s best practices.

Best Practices

What are the best practices of web design? Based on the wide research conducted on the habits of website viewers and our own extensive experience building sites, these simple rules and features need to be included in any website design:

1. Be clear about what you’re selling. Most visitors will stay on your site for only a short time – from a couple of seconds to a minute. If they don’t know what you’re offering, they’ll immediately leave your site.

2. Have relevant engaging content. Quality informative content that is concise and revealing of your key selling points will lead visitors to explore the site further or take action to purchase.

3. Get their contact information. Obtaining the contact information of your visitors to add to your mailing list is an integral part of a successful website and online marketing strategy.

4. Make it easy to navigate. Having user-friendly navigation enables your visitors to quickly find the information, product or service that they are looking for on your site. Provide navigation aids such as a site map, site search option, breadcrumbs and links to main navigation page.

5. Have a responsive design. With nearly 40 percent of internet transactions taking place on mobile devices, your site has to be “Mobile Responsive” to make it accessible to mobile device users. It’s also important to have your site designed for different screen widths in order to make it viewable on various mobile phones, tablets, phone tablets and laptops.

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These are some of the strategies we employ to maximize your site’s efficiency. Combined with our SEO and internet marketing services, your site will surely sail to the top of the search engine results pages, giving you a huge ROI on your website.

Contact us today for a free consultation and let EZMobileAds.Net design and develop the perfect website for you!


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